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You might wonder.....


Do I need a diagnosis or full assessment to access services?

You do not need a formal diagnosis to seek services with VTSLP.

As a private speech language pathologist I am bound to follow ethical practices as prescribed by the American Speech and Hearing Association. 

There are times when you might seek a diagnosis through the formal evaluation process provided by VTSLP and/or might request assessment to inform programming.  

Do you accept insurance?

At this time we do not directly bill insurance. Payment is kindly requested at the time of service, unless otherwise specified, at which point you will be provided with a receipt containing any relevant CPT and diagnostic codes. If you are seeking reimbursement for services, it is recommended that you call your insurance provider and request reimbursement for 'out of network speech and language services' prior to initiating services.

What is a Speech Language Pathologist?

A certified speech language pathology (SLP) is trained to assess and treat a broad range of communication impairments and support differences in communicating and relating to others. The scope of therapeutic practice includes:

  • Speech (production of speech sounds)

  • Language (understanding & expressing words & ideas; content such as vocabulary; nonverbal language such as facial expressions etc.)

  • Voice 

  • Speech Motor Praxis (how we produce fluid and rhythmic speech; and co-articulate strings of sounds)

  • Pragmatic or social language (language within context; interpersonal connectedness)

  • Social Emotional Learning (how we identify, express and manage emotions, interpersonal relationships and learn while simultaneously using effective communication)

  • Written Language (reading, writing & spelling)

  • Executive Functioning (skills related to processing, planning, prioritizing, attacking and completing goal -directed behaviors) 

Where do you provide services?

To meet the dynamic needs of individuals, children, and families, VTSLP travels to homes, daycares, schools, and community-based settings in Chittenden County. Travel outside of this county is considered on a case by case basis

Do you use Neurodiversity-Affirming Practices?

We focus on creating personally relevant and individualized goals in language, social communication, and social emotional well-being through a neurodivergent lens, one that celebrates all brains and ways of thinking and communicating, while also finding areas which if supported could create more meaningful connections and effective exchange for all.

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