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Speech Language Assessment,  Intervention & Therapeutic Support

Empowering all Communicators

Services: Services

Assessment & Evaluation

Assessment and intervention planning are implemented through a neurodivergent lens, one that celebrates all brains, ways of thinking and communicating, while also finding areas which if supported can co-create meaningful connections and effective exchange for all learners across social settings

  • Screening & Assessment of

    • Language 

    • Social Communication (including social emotional learning and it's connection to social exchange)

    • Speech

    • Speech Motor Praxis, & Fluency

    • Foundations for Language Learning (i.e., reading, writing & spelling)


Speech and Language Therapy

We offer individualized intervention targeting:

  • Social Cognition 

  • Social Skills

  • Social Emotional Regulation

  • Effective Communication 

  • Interpersonal Negotiation

  • Pre-verbal language skills, such as: joint attention, intentional communication, symbolic & play development

  • Receptive (understanding) & expressive (output) language

  • Use and understanding of para-verbal & non-verbal communication 

  • Oral & Written Language

  • Phonemic Awareness

  • Phonological Processing 

Approaches & Practice Snapshot

  • Neurodiversity- Affirming Practices

  • Social Emotional Regulation (Self & Co-Regulation)

  • Creating Joint Action Routines & Mutual Engagement

  • Social Cognition Interventions

  • Social Thinking (TM)

  • Social Stories (TM), Social Scripts

  • Comic Strip Conversation/Cartooning

  • Floortime/DIR 

  • Hanen: It Takes Two to Talk, More Than Words, Talkability

  • Peer Mediated Instruction & Intervention 

  • Positive Behavioral Intervention & Supports

Service Delivery:

  • Individual/Group therapy

  • Parent Training

  • Professional Development

  • School Based Consultation

  • Home/Community- Based Consultation

  • Educational or Vocational Support


Parent Training 

We offer individualized consultation and parent training to empower you with skills and strategies that create a facilitative environment for your child's use of effective communication.  Sessions and programming are tailored to your family's needs, goals, and priorities and are individualized based upon best practices, your child's expression of authentic self, as well as your family's values.

Teacher and Young Student

Professional Development Opportunities

Professional learning opportunities & speaking engagements can be tailored to your district, community, or organizations' needs

  • Effective Communication: Empowering the Exchange of Oral and Written Language 

  • The Social Tango: Effective Communication for our Diverse World

  • Early Speech & Language Development

  • Integrating Supports for Language & Social communication into Place-Based Learning

  • Language Learning Disabilities

  • Pivotal & Foundational skills for Social Communication

  • Play: Stimulating Wonder, Curiosity & Awe

  • Play: The Environment for Social Connections & Learning

  • Peer Mediated Interventions and Instruction

  • Language & Social Emotional Learning 

  • FACE Communication: Communicating in the Era of Facial Coverings

  • Creating Meaningful Experiences for Neurodivergent Learners 

  • 'Behavior' Isn't a Bad Word....But it is Communication: Collaboration between BCBAs & SLPs

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